How to list my NFT on the secondary market (Auction)

Step 1: Under the My Collection tab click the LIST button underneath your NFT
Step 2: Select the Auction listing type
Step 3: Select your Starting Price (this is the price people can start bidding at)
Step 4: Select your Duration (how long you want your NFT to be on the marketplace)
Step 5: Select your Reserve Price (this is the price that bids on your NFT will become valid at, any bids underneath this price will not act as a valid bid)
Step 6 (Optional): Select a Buy Now price (this is an optional value you can include on your listing that allows you to set an instant buy now price on your NFT, this is usually a higher amount than Starting Price & Reserve Price)
Step 7 (Optional): Select your Buy Now price
Step 8: Click the NEXT button
Step 9: Review the values you have input for your listing and click the NEXT button
Step 10: Click the APPROVE button in the Blocto popup
You will be displayed this message if your listing request is successful
You can view your NFT listing in the For Sale tab